Air Quality Services

Allergen Testing

Our allergen tests identify 7 allergens causing sneezing, itchy eyes, and more in the following animals and rodents: cats, dogs, dust mites, cockroaches, mice, and rats.

Asbestos Testing

Our team can conduct home and office inspections for the presence of asbestos-containing materials with specialized TEM, PLM, PCM, and SEM methods.

Avian Pathogens

In contaminated water supply, our team can test for and detect the avian virus.

Bacteria Testing

Do you need a test to confirm the presence of a bacterial infection? Our bacteria testing covers E. coli, coliforms, and legionella.

Dust Characterization

If you’re facing an abundance of dust in your home that has affected your overall air quality, schedule a dust characterization. From cotton fibers to dust mites, we can determine any unknown particles

Fire & Smoke Damage Testing

If a fire, smoke, or char damages your home or personal items, we’ll test for damage to assess which extreme remediation measures we should perform.

Formaldehyde Testing

Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling, colorless, extremely toxic gas that can damage DNA. With this service, our experienced team tests textiles, fibers, coatings, and more for the presence of formaldehyde and makes necessary adjustments to rid your home of it.


Amber Marshall
Amber Marshall

Everyone I worked with on the team was responsive and attentive even while I asked a million questions. It just seems that everyone there really enjoys their job which I find rare nowadays. Definitely recommend this company!

Joy Richmond
Joy Richmond

Tatiana was great. I followed her around so that I could see what she was doing. She answered all of my questions along the way. I would definitely use this company anytime and give them 100% review. Do not hesitate to contact them for any of your needs.


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