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Find Fast Emergency Air Quality Services

Over time, inhaling mold can cause long-term health complications for you and your entire family. Avoid fatigue, memory loss, respiratory issues, and more with our experienced team and services at reasonable rates.

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Personalized Mold Remediation Strategies

Every home is different. That’s why we set your needs above and beyond anything our expertise might deem “important.” Between water damage remediation, mold extraction, and other services, we make sure to prioritize your issues.

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Certified Air Purification & Remediation Staff

We bring a qualified team of technicians and specialists to your home or commercial site. Enjoy working with efficient professionals who work quickly to understand your problem, target a solution, and finish the job with quality results.

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Improving the air quality in your home

Breathing New Life into Your Long-Running Air Purification Company

Over the years, you may have known Breath of Life as a family-owned business that cares about your family's health and well-being. In the time since, we’ve grown in size, changed ownership, and experienced a multitude of changes, but one thing remains constant–our dedication to helping you invest in and achieve a healthier home. We specialize in analyzing and restoring your indoor air quality through sampling, sanitation, and remediation services. Keep the sickness at bay and restore your property today!

Top-Rated Air Quality and Mold Sampling, Sanitation, and Remediation Service

Throughout Tampa, Dallas, and even extending into Georgia, we serve residential and commercial clients with a full suite of damage removal and air purification services. Learn more about our specific service areas when you reach out through our contact page.

  • Mold Remediation

  • Mold Removal

  • Mold Testing

  • Mold Inspection

  • Coronavirus Disinfection

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Water Mitigation

  • Water Extraction

  • Water Damage Remediation

  • Allergen Testing

  • Asbestos Testing

  • Avian Pathogens

  • Bacteria Testing

  • Dust Characterization

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Testing

  • Formaldehyde Testing

  • Lead and Metals Testing

  • Roof Damage Repair

  • Roof Solar Panels


Amber Marshall
Amber Marshall

Everyone I worked with on the team was responsive and attentive even while I asked a million questions. It just seems that everyone there really enjoys their job which I find rare nowadays. Definitely recommend this company!

Joy Richmond
Joy Richmond

Tatiana was great. I followed her around so that I could see what she was doing. She answered all of my questions along the way. I would definitely use this company anytime and give them 100% review. Do not hesitate to contact them for any of your needs.


Our Air Quality and Damage Remediation Specialists Help You Breathe Easier

No matter the specific issue, our experts can handle your residential and commercial property issues with great care. Contact us today for a free estimate and get the best professionals for your situation.